Eunice Fornerod

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Eunice Fornerod06/08/1932
Name: Eunice Belle (Fornerod) Cronkhite
Born: 1877

Father: Francis “Frank” Fornerod (b.1826–)
Mother: Henrietta Belisle (b.1849–)

1. Alice (b.1870) sis.
2. Dora (b.1973) sis.
3. Harley A.(b.1887–) bro.
4. Francis (b.1889–) bro.

Spouse: Abraham “Abe” Cronkhite (b.4/27/1876)

1. Jack Howard Cronkhite (1907-1975)
2. Raymond Austin Cronkhite (b.5/12/1909 – d.3/30/1985)
3. John Cronkhite
4. Farmer Abe Cronkhite

Many Knoxville friends will recall that Jack Cronkhite and his mother, the late Mrs. Abe (Eunice) Cronkhite were graduated from Knoxville High School with the class of 1925.