Norris Gee

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Norris Gee05/07/1945
Mrs. Clarice Gee received a letter sent Tuesday of this week. explaining the death of her husband, Captain Norris B. Gee, in an aircraft accident in Germany, which occurred in the line of duty and service to his country.

The letter from headquarters 202nd F. A. group, written May 8, 1945. follows:

"Dear Mrs. Gee: It is with sorrow and regret I write this letter.

Yesterday your husband was killed
when his liaison plane crashed making an administrative flight. He is one of the last to give his life for his country in its war against Nazi treachery. Death came instantly.

Norris was an expert pilot and a fine young officer. His unselfish and heroic services contributed no mean part toward the defeat of Germany. I regarded him as a personal and trusted friend.

"His body was evacuated out of Germany and as soon as we are informed of the date and place of his burial, I shall advise you.

You may be assured that he will be buried with appropriate ceremony and with an army chaplain officiating. The Field Artillery Group will hold a memorial service for him next Sunday, May 13, 1940.

"May the memory of his excellent character and heroism bring comfort to you and your children."

Captain Norris Bradford Gee son of Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Gee, was born September 17, 1918 at Omaha, Nebr., and Spent his boyhood on the farm of his grandfather, the late E.J. Rossiter, near Tabor, Iowa.

He attended elementary schools in Tabor, Sidney and Corydon before coming to Knoxville in 1930, where he enrolled as a student in the West Ward and graduated from the local high school in 1935 when he was sixteen.

On June 21, 1941, he was united in marriage to Miss Clerice Bulgarelli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Bulgarelli, of Perishing. To this union two children were born, Sharon Anne and Richard Lewis.

Surviving Captain Norris B. Gee, are the widow, Clerice, his daughter, Sharon Anne, and son Richard Lewis, his parents, the sister-in-law. Mrs. Miriam Gee, three aunts, Mrs. Mary Lesley, of Newcastle, WY; Mrs. H.S. Fleming, Arlington, and Mrs. George Bennett, Keysville, Mo. and two uncles, Homer and Willis Gee, of Randolph.

Preceding him in death was his only brother, Captain Richard A. Gee, who was a fighter pilot with the army air corps, he was killed in a raid over France, June 22, 1944.

As a loving and devoted husband, father and son and a loyal brother, he will be greatly missed by his hundreds of friends throughout the world.