Mary Crouch

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Mary Crouch04/09/1959
Mary Crouch Sullivan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Crouch (b.Jan 14, 1876-d.Feb 18, 1934) was born March 21, 1905, at their farm home three miles northeast of Knoxville, and passed away in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 9, 1959.

She attended the Washington country school and graduated from the Knoxville high school in 1924. After teaching in the county schools for four years she was married to Eugene Paul Sullivan, of Cleveland, who grew up in the home of his grandmother Sullivan, and daughters, Nora, Anna, and Margaret.

Mrs. Sullivan was preceded in death by her father and one brother. Survivors include her three sons, Jack, Paul, and James, and their families; her mother, Mrs. Mattie Crouch; a brother, Phil both of Knoxville and a sister, Mrs. Corwin Overton (Josephine) of Framington, Mich.