John Huffman

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John Huffman04/27/1945
Mrs. Mae Hufftman widow of the late Frank Huffman received to message Tuesday morning from the war department, stating that her son. Corporal John Huffman. had been killed in action. April 27, on the western front. He was in the thirteenth armored division in General Patton's third army.

Corporal Huffman was ninteen years old and had entered the army shortly after his eighteenth birthday in November 1943. He had been overseas since last fall.

Corporal Huffman graduated from the local high school in 1942 with high scholastic honors. He was very popular with both the faculty and his schoolmates. He was also a devoted son.

Mrs. Huffman was advised that additional information would be sent on us soon as received from the battle area.

A chaplain of the Protestant faith officiated at the burial service

I sincerely hope that you will derive real strength from the knowledge that your son, in giving his life for his country, gave the last full measure of devotion to his county".